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Psychedelics: Recreational Drugs or Intentional Medicines?

One of the most difficult biases for people in abstinence-based recovery to overcome can be that psychedelics have the potential to be much more than just recreational drugs. In some twelve-step meetings, it is reinforced that using any mood or mind altering substance is harmful, could lead back to substance use, and that their use may be judged as a "relapse."  Most people in recovery that have used psychedelics did so for fun; not to help them to heal.

In this video, Gabor Maté shares about his own journey of open-mindedness and provides evidence that may shift the viewer's perception about ayahuasca, trauma, and the treatment of substance use, that may help people to reframe psychedelics as medicines and healing catalysts, rather than drugs.

Psychedelic Clinical Trial Map

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Have you ever been curious about clinical trials and research studies that involve the use of psychedelic medicines as a catalyst?  Explore this incredible tool created by the University of California's Center for the Science of Psychedelics cutting-edge tool that allows you to see the current studies that are taking place, as well as those that have been conducted in the past.  

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