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2 hours +




Psychedelic-Assisted Recovery in a Nutshell a live, virtual workshop designed to provide treatment providers and organizations with an introduction to psychedelic medicines and the ways that they are impacting substance use treatment, support, and recovery.

Over two hours, participants will gain insight into:

  • The History of Psychedelic-Assisted Recovery
  • A Primer on Nine Psychedelic Medicines
  • Preparation & Integration
  • Ethical Considerations & Risk Reduction
  • Rapidly Changing Legalities in the United States

History of the Workshop

Early concepts from this workshop have been offered at the Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado (May 2022) and Punta Gorda, Florida (January 2023), as well as on a Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services webinar (May 2022) and several Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery webinars.  

Special Note

This workshop is non-clinical in nature, and no medical or legal advice will be given. 

To Learn More or Schedule a Customized Workshop for Your Organization:

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