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Natural Sacrament
Church Filing &
Support Services

I specialize in streamlining the often complex filing process for experienced practitioners and groups who are seeking to establish a natural sacrament church in the United States.

With a meticulous approach to filing, I will guide you through the intricacies, providing you with the peace of mind necessary to focus wholeheartedly on holding ceremony.

I Will:

  • File your articles of incorporation

  • Help you craft and perfect necessary internal paperwork

  • Establish your church's 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit

  • Give you guidance to best, safe practices

  • Furnish you with creative ideas that will help you to grow your church


I Also Work With Existing Churches and Will:

  • Add/remove directors

  • File annual reports

  • Assist you in improving your existing internal paperwork

$2444/Complete (To Include State Filing Fees and All Administrative Costs)

Note: I am not an attorney/law office and do not offer legal advice or representation

Get Started On Your Filing Journey Today!

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Thank You For Reaching Out!

Stay informed by downloading your free copy of the Chacruna Foundation's "Guide to RFRA and Best Practices for Psychedelic Plant Medicine Churches" today!

EntheoRecovery Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with the Chacruna Foundation

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Note: The information contained in this website should not be considered as legal advice.  Be sure to do your own research into the legalities that surround your practice and always consult with a qualified legal professional before serving any psychedelic medicines to others.

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