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Empowering Individuals and Organizations With Creative, Heart-Centered Solutions

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At EntheoRecovery Solutions, we believe that psychedelic medicines can help people to heal from a wide array of conditions, to reclaim their lives, and become who they were always meant to be. We provide innovative education, training, and consulting services to professionals and organizations, bridging the gap between the psychedelic and recovery communities. It is our mission to empower people with creative, heart-centered solutions that are tailored to their needs and story. 


Ways We're Making a Difference Today

EntheoRecovery Solutions was honored to join the Tampa Bay Peer Network, as well as the Hillsborough and Pasco County Recovery Roundtables for their meetings in the month of October.  Today, a committed group of individuals and organizations have united in their efforts in several counties in the Tampa Bay area to share resources and the unique ways that they are helping people to recover from substance use and other mental health conditions.  

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It was a pleasure and privilege to join Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training (CCFT) in December as a guest presenter on psilocybin and its potential in helping people to overcome substance use disorder.  CCFT provides comprehensive training to people who are seeking licensure from the State of Oregon to become psilocybin facilitators.  It's our hope that we were able to make a difference in the path of the future facilitators, allowing them to be more supportive of people who are in recovery or are seeking solace from substance misuse.

How We Can Help You

We offer comprehensive training and workshops that provide in-depth education about the pathway of psychedelic-assisted recovery. We also provide a range of live trainings, ensuring you have the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to be able to help support other people on their personal paths of recovery.

EntheoRecovery Solutions is passionate about helping others navigate the integration process. We will guide and support your recovery from substance use and help you to integrate the lessons and growth from your psychedelic experiences.  

Dedicated to keeping our growing community safe and informed, we offer filings services to experienced entheogenic practitioners that serve sacred sacraments in the United States for a reasonable price.

Do you want to see growth and exposure for your psychedelic business or organization, but need out-of-the-box ideas?  Through the lens of lived experience combined with specialized professional training, we will provide you unique insight and creative content that will help to bring you the much-needed attention that you deserve.

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